Port Operations






Austsand’s silica sand storage facility is located on Princess Royal Drive at the Albany Port. The area is leased from the Southern Ports Authority and operates under licence from the Department of Environment. Approx. 40 000 tonnes can be stored on site being made up of, up to four separate grades of silica sand.


The facility consists of a hard stand area with a bitumen base surrounded by 1.2 mtr retaining walls, sand receival hopper, an in loading conveyor system, and an out loading conveyor system, and dust suppression system.
Trucks (road trains) deliver sand from the mine site, at approx 1200 tons per day four days a week. Sand is unloaded into the sand receival hopper and transported into the stockpile area via two fixed conveyors and one mobile stacker conveyor. The mobile stacker conveyor allows the stockpiles to be progressively built as it moves the length of the storage area.
Out loading operation is carried out using a mobile reclaiming hopper and conveyor belt system. Sand is loaded into the reclaim hopper with frontend loaders, and then transported onto the ship via two conveyors and a ship loading conveyor. Ship loading is completed at a rate of 750 tonnes per hour. Vessels are normally loaded to a capacity of 45 000 tonnes.

All associated ship loading equipment including conveyors, and hoppers are washed and inspected before loading commences.

All Vessels are inspected and surveyed once berthed to ensure the cleanliness of the vessels before the commencement of cargo loading.
Sand delivered to the port has a moisture content of approx 4 – 6% and this is maintained throughout the storage process, until loaded onto the ship. Shipping samples are taken as ships are loaded.

The area is leased from the Southern Ports Authority. More information can be viewed on their website via the link below.